How you can make a difference

Donations made to The Let’s Play Project make a huge difference.

Your donations will ensure a safe, fun and accessible environment for the Young People who use our services.

Donate today

Fundraising also generates a great community spirit and allows you to meet new people and form new friendships.

Get your friends to sponsor you, give you a shout-out or even join in with your campaign!

Why fundraise?


Would pay for enough baking ingredients for 5 young people to bake 


One playworker to supports two young people at Youth Group.


Pays for resources for a week of After School Clubs


One playworker to support two young people on a day trip


Transport for 13 young people to come to ASC


Resources for school holidays 1 week

This donation will cover the staffing for an average of 25 young people to go swimming


Donate to Let’s Play

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