Playworker Spotlight – Kelly Bradfield

Posted on: 11th Apr 2022 | Posted in: Let's Play Staff

How did you get involved at Let’s Play?

I first joined let’s play as a volunteer in 2018. A friend of mine, who was also volunteering at the time had suggested I do it as part of my silver Duke of Edinburgh, and that it would be right up my street and something I’d really enjoy. And he was not wrong! I went on to volunteer for 6 months once a week and attended a couple of holiday sessions. Let’s Play next came into my life when I was 17 and the playworker role was advertised on my school bulletin. I thought RESULT, and applied for the job the same day, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What is it like working at Let’s Play?

It is a genuine pleasure to work at let’s play. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. I am so lucky to get to work with the young people and staff here and I always tell myself I am better for knowing them. Everyone is so relaxed and friendly, I sometimes forget that it is my job and I’m not just reliving my childhood!


Your favourite things about working at Let’s Play?

My favourite thing about Let’s Play is the freedom. There are so many opportunities for our young people to explore, try new things and interact with others. The session leaders and playworkers are always thinking of new ideas and activities that our young people would enjoy. It is also a place where you can be your true self and be completely embraced.

Favourite memory from working at Let’s Play?

Gosh there are too many!! Summer holiday sessions are always brilliant. From swimming days, trips to Cotswold wildlife park and water fights. I also loved our trip to Bournemouth beach with youth group in Summer 2021. After such a long time where we were restricted on where we could go, this trip was particularly special. And even though it was incredibly windy it did not stop us from having a paddle in the sea!

How has Let’s Play affected your life?

I can honestly say Let’s play is my favourite place to be, so it’s easy to understand why it is such an important place for our young people. I am always excited to go to work and see what the day brings (as no day is ever the same!!)

Because of Let’s Play, I applied for a job as a CSO at Frank Wise School, the local SEN school, during my gap year and I have absolutely loved working with children in a different setting.


What impact do you think Let’s Play has on our Young People?

Let’s play has a huge impact on our young people. It provides a safe and positive environment for them to just be. It is so important that our young people have this space as it allows them to use their free time exactly how they want to and be completely supported to do so, whether that’s playing football outside, riding on the go karts, baking, playing games, arts and crafts (just to name a few things!)

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