Trustee Spotlight – Debi Coles

Posted on: 11th Apr 2022 | Posted in: Let's Play Trustees

I am a trustee at Let’s Play working closely with the core team on their fundraising strategy.

I also lead the fundraising and business development sub-committee reporting to the trustee board.

I meet regularly with the core team (Tracey & Joe) to discuss fundraising activities including applications to trusts and foundations, community fundraising events, corporate sponsors and regular givers.

I’m also part of the Community Fundraising volunteer group, so I get involved in the implementation of some of the events we have planned.

Trustee Spotlight - Debi Coles

How did you get involved in Let’s Play?

I have known about Let’s Play for many years, my friend’s daughter has been coming to Let’s Play since she was eight or nine years old and she’s now 18 and it has given her so much confidence and independence. I know how much she loves it and how it’s a real lifeline for her family. Being aware of the great work that Let’s Play do, I was very pleased to accept the offer of becoming a Trustee when I was approached by Tatiana, the Chair of the Trustee Board.

My background is in business development, I regularly advise clients when they are applying for contracts and funding and I bring those skills to Let’s Play. I’ve also really enjoyed getting involved in fundraising activities, particularly community fundraising events. I work for myself and my daughters have grown up and left home so I am flexible with my working hours and can commit time to help Let’s Play develop and implement a robust fundraising strategy.

Trustee Spotlight - Debi Coles

Your Favourite Let’s Play memory?

Probably the 20th-anniversary event, it was lovely to see all the young people and their families come together and celebrate Let’s Play. It really hit home, how crucial the project is for so many people. It feels like one big happy family and I’m really proud, pleased and honoured to be a part of it.

What are most excited about for Let’s Play?

I’m really excited about being part of LP’s future, developing our fundraising strategy, having some real flagship events in place that put Let’s Play on the map and recruiting a high profile corporate sponsor. For me, it’s important that we are not only sustainable and can continue to support our existing young people and families, but also that we aim to expand our services and reach a wider group of people so more can benefit from the exceptional service and support that LP offers.

What is the best thing about being a trustee?

Without a doubt, it’s working with a group of hugely committed, hard-working and selfless individuals (that includes the core team, Trustees and volunteers) and having the opportunity to give something back to my local community.

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